Chronic Pain Management

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Chronic Pain Management

Overcoming pain is difficult- sometimes it even seems impossible. We know you are hurting. Chronic pain is a pain state which is persistent, and the underlying cause of the pain cannot be removed or otherwise cured.

There are many different causes and kinds of pain. Chronic pain may be associated with long-term incurable or intractable medical condition or by injury, illness, sickness, disease. Some-time even surgery does not help the pain. Further, we understand that living with chronic pain takes a heavy toll on those who have pain and their family and friends. Take back control of your life. Our practice is here to improve the lives of those in pain.

Our practice is intended for those patients who have tried and failed other treatments

We are dedicated to the medical management of chronic disabling pain, including:

  • Radiculopathy
  • Facet Disease
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Reflex sympathetic dystrophy
  • Other Pain Syndromes

If you do need opiates for your pain, and many people identify they do, suboxone/buprenorphine is a very nice option that will often produce a better, functional outcome

Frequently Asked Questions

  • The last (3) office notes of current/past provider
  • MRI or X-ray report that supports pain diagnosis
  • Initial visit Call office for details
  • Generally, no records required.
  • Time depends on completeness of records received and how soon they are received.
  • We are a self-pay facility; no insurance is accepted.
  • Initial (consult) is currently $225
  • Patient Follow-Up Visits are every 28 days @ $175.00
  • Initial Psych (consult) $250.00
  • Follow up visits $200
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Gastonia, NC
  • Monroe, NC
  • Concord, NC
  • Jamestown, NC


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Results are unreal- never seen anything like this to transform a person’s life in a matter of minutes.


Miracle in a bottle!


Suboxone gave me my life back!


God in a bottle!


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