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​​Our practice is intended for those patients who have tried and failed other treatments. Since pain can rarely be eliminated, our main goals in working with our patients are to minimize the pain, improve function, and increase quality of life. You may be a candidate for medical pain management if despite all other efforts (surgeries, injections, etc.) you still find your pain to be severe, daily or disabling. To get treatment from our Pain Management Services a referral from a surgeon or specialist (such as an orthopedic or neurologist) is preferred. State Guidelines require evidence of need prior to treatments; therefore medical records are required. ​

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    Hope Wellness Management, PLLC is dedicated to the medical management of chronic disabling pain.

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    Here’s what our clients had to say about our services:

    Results are unreal- never seen anything like this to transform a person’s life in a matter of minutes.

    Miracle in a bottle!
    Suboxone gave me my life back!
    God in a bottle.

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